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Date:2013-05-13 00:00
Subject:It's Birthday #28
Mood: anxious

So it good old 28, two away from the big 3-0

Am actually not feeling too bad all things considered

Finally finished school which is good, but now I have to find a job x__x

Am a little scared, but also at the same time a bit excited...

Let's make this one a good one n__n

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Date:2011-05-13 00:00
Subject:Birthday Time Again
Mood: depressed

Another year gone...

I am now 26 years old

It's official..I am old

Nearly 30 and I have achieved nothing

I have no prospects and have little to show for my life thus far

I know no one reads this anymore and I am basically talking into an empty room , but if any of you guy want to leave an encouraging word or something , I'd really like it..

I am scared of the future...

The more time passes, the more it seems I don't matter to anyone anymore

I understand. Everyone else has moved on and had a life, while I have pretty much remained stagnant.

Hope I have a good year.

We'll just have to wait and see...

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Date:2010-05-13 00:00
Subject:Another year comes to a close.....

The hourglass of my life has one quarter filled...

I am now 25 years old

As a child I always thought I would be all established and adult like by now

I am not

I don't know what the future holds for me but I will do my best to face it

I admit I feel scared at the void of uncertainty laid before me...

But they tell me that when you feel scared it just means you are about to do something exciting

So maybe that's it..

I am embarking on exciting adventure

That adventure it seeing what life has to show me...

Wish me luck

I may need it n_n

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Date:2009-05-13 00:00
Subject:It's that time again

I am 24 now

I thought I would be at a much better place in my life by now

I just don't know what to do

This year is probably going to be a hard one

I guess I should be grateful to have made it this far

I can only hope things shape up and look back at this at 25 a happier better person

Cus I sure am not very happy these days

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Date:2008-05-13 00:00
Subject:It's My Birthday

It's my birthday

I'm 23

Praise me

I could use some right now....

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Date:2007-05-13 00:00
Subject:It's my birthday

Now I'm 22


So yeah...there's that

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Date:2006-05-13 00:00
Subject:Happy 21st Brthday to Me

Drinking time begins now

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Date:2005-07-20 14:52
Subject:Scotty has beamed up for the last time...

James Doohan is dead

He will be missed

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Date:2005-05-13 00:00


I am now two decades old..


I feel old..

Here's to 20 more...

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Date:2005-05-12 23:59


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Date:2005-05-12 23:56
Subject:Not Yet....


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Date:2005-04-18 22:59
Subject:stolen from somebody else..yes, I am that bored...n_n

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

Be honest..or don't...

I just want to actually see responses to something I posted in my journal for once...

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Date:2005-01-03 11:37

they kicked me out of college

my world has fallen on me

I dont know what to do

I feel so lost..

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Date:2004-11-11 22:02

Love by ruby mae
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Date:2004-09-21 02:51
Subject:I did it n_n ...

I finally found myself a girl

And not just any girl...

The most wonderful, beautiful, fantastic girl there ever was..

And I am madly and passionately in love with her

There is just one tiny problem...

As much as I love her... she loves me back just as much...

You say that doesn't sound like problem?

Well it is when you can sleep or work or be attentive in class because all you can think about is how much you need to be with her and how right after last class is over you are going to go to her room and be with her and damn the homework, since being with her is all that is important..

I spent the weekend with her...

No, I don't mean that I spent the day with her...

I actually mean that I came to her room 12:30pm Friday afternoon and did not leave her room until 5 am Monday morning

I just lover her soooo much it makes my heart hurt

I am just afraid it will be a dream...some fevered imagining and that any minute now I will wake up...

Barring that; I am afraid I am not good enough for her...that I, who has never kissed a girl, let alone had any type of a relationship with one; couldn't possibly satisfy the epitome of perfection that is the girl I love..

She completes me in a way I only dreamed possible...

I feel like so much more of a complete person because she is with me..

I feel a longing everyday to be with her...I need her like I have never needed anything else before...

I always believed in the idea that there was somebody out there for everyone, that there was somebody out there who was meant for you and loved only you. Unfortunately for me, I was pretty convinced that I would probably never find my one person.

Now I know that I have

We are like two halves of the same person

We have the same thoughts at almost he same time

She is the best there could be

Sleeping in my bed now seems...unappealing...because she is not there by my side

What a lucky man I am to have finally found someone who loves me as much as I love them...

I need to hold her in my arms and love her...

I need her now...

But I know that she is back in her room sleeping..

And for the first time in the last few days...I am not there next to her..

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Date:2004-08-28 02:41
Subject:It's been a year....

I have not posted here in LJ in exactly one year....

looking back...not posting for a year was just stupid...

what was I thinking?....

Well anyway, I'm in college now...

gonna go soak my brain...

work makes it hurt...

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Date:2003-08-26 12:12
Subject:I think, therefore I am Descartes....

You're René Descartes.

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Date:2003-08-26 12:08

Congratulations, you're Londo Mollari, proud Centauri ambassador and later emperor.
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so true

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Date:2003-08-26 01:51

Your magical style is Magus.

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Date:2003-08-26 01:31

Pirates of the Caribbean!

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oh yeah

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